Presenter: Geraldine de Bastion is the founder of the Global Innovation Gathering, a network of grassroots innovators, social entrepreneurs, founders, and managers of makerspaces, hackerspaces, and innovation hubs and is in the Managing Board of re:publica.

Director: Elke Sasse is a documentary filmmaker based in Berlin. She realized cross-media projects (worldwideberlin) as well as documentary films (#myescape; The War on my Phone). She is part of film production company Berlin Producers.

Director: Bettina Haasen is a documentary filmmaker and producer since 1999: „Between 2 worlds„; „Sisters of a long night“, „Hotel Sahara“ (cinema release in 2008). Born 1969 in Göttingen. Studies of African Languages and Political Sciences at the Universities of Cologne, Hamburg and Paris (1991-1997). Qualification as peace adviser at the Academy for Conflict Transformation in Bonn (2010). Coordinator of a journalistic educational program in a German peace building project in Burundi (2011-2014).



Evrard Niyomwungere Camera

Michaela Stasch Editing

Ebele Okoye Graphics

 Ebele Okoye & Shrinkfish Animation

Claus Wischmann Producer

ARTE Broadcaster

Arte, GIZ, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Global International Gathering (GIG) Partners